Monday, 1 March 2010

The Long March

The start of a new month, and a milestone, of sorts, in preparations for July's event.

I've been taking advice from our Mission Nutritionist who has suggested eating more green vegetables and, where possible, cooking my food in a steamer. It certainly seems to be better for me - I'm eating a little less, and I've made a noticeable weight loss, too. Overweight was one of the reasons I wanted to do this walk, and the training for it. Nonetheless I would most probably have given myself an excuse to fail, were it not for its being a joint effort, and a sponsored one, too.

Sponsorship, of course, is in aid of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, whose patron is the author, Terry Pratchett. He is pictured here outside No 10 Downing Street wearing a scarf - not just any old scarf, but one knitted by one of the Trust's more inventive supporters, Susie Hewer from East Sussex. Susie
knitted the scarf while running the London Marathon.

She is pictured on the front cover of the ART's fundraising booklet, which arrived in the post today - there are two other runners in the background, dressed as licquorice allsorts. I don't think that either Sparky or I will be quite as sartorially imaginative when we come to do our walk.

So this month's targets: I'll aim to do the Wolverhampton to Birmingham portion of the walk; and I'll aim to get my weight down below 15 stone - it's currently 15st 3lb which, while it's lower than it has been for some time, is still far too high for my height. The next longish walk I'll do will be Wednesbury to Birmingham; that will partly (though not wholly) coincide with our July route, and will - by my estimate - be about 30% the length of it.

Stay tuned.

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