Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Though you're tired and weary, still journey on . . .

There will no doubt come times between now and July 17th - and in all probability on the day itself - when I will ask myself whether all this is worth the effort. The answer, of course, will be yes; my inspiration - and Sparky's - will come largely from our friend, referred to in the opening post in this blog; and from all our other cheerers-from-the-sidelines; and from people like the remarkable
Susie Hewer.

Susie is pictured on some of the ART's publicity material, running a marathon while knitting a scarf. She is a blogger, too; this is her inspirational blog. I'll read the passage she wrote after doing that marathon and remember parts of it when things get tough for me. On the day, of course, I'll be walking and not running; the walk will be - for me, at least - a little shorter than the length of a marathon; and I won't be knitting a scarf.

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