Friday, 16 July 2010

The Night Before The Morning After

All the preparation is done. Now I look forward to a good night's sleep, and pleasant weather for tomorrow.

The weather forecast is, a little surprisingly, pretty good for our purposes: temperatures at or a little below normal for the time of year; scattered shower for the middle part of the day. I'd dreaded really hot weather - which would have been very tiring - or prolonged wet weather of the sort that we've had from time to time part of this week.

Three of us will be starting, at around 920am - I'll be accompanied by my brother Martin, and by Sean Spooner, who will be coming all the way over from Leicester. Absolute earliest finsih is around 7pm - probably about half an hour after that.

I did the Wolverhampton-Penkridge bit of the walk earlier this week, and very pleasant it was - plus I took half an hour off my previous time. The towpath is nice and flat - very few of those little bridges over canal junctions (there's only one, for the Shropshire Union Canal) and wharves. Very few fishermen, too, probably because most of the canal is away from public roads. I only saw two this week, one of whom was totally oblivious to my presence.

What could I leave you with, but this?

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