Sunday, 11 July 2010

Less than a week to go!

Today is the final Sunday before the big day . . .

Currently it looks as though there should be three of us doing the walk from my end - me, my brother Martin, and Sean Spooner. Sean lives in Leicester but he'll be joining us in Birmingham on Saturday morning and then getting the train back to Leicester from Penkridge after the walk finishes. He works at Walkers Crisps, and he's been doing some fundraising there - with considerable success, too!

With just six days to go, the weather forecast for the 17th is pretty good - temperatures in this part of the country expected to be near normal for the time of year, but it should feel fresher than it has of late. I very much hope that the nights before the walk are cooler than they have been of late - I have great difficulty sleeping in this weather. I could open all my windows, of course, but that would mean my being disturbed by noise, and invaded by moths - which is what happened last night.

I hope to fit in a couple more hard walks at the start of the week, then to keep those muscles in shape with some light work the rest of the week.

I'll leave you with this - Kate Rusby, The Barnsley Nightingale, on Jools' Holland's show.

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