Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vive la révolution technologique Muntzienne

A mighty couple of days in my life, and in the life of 'four canal'.

The walk has its own justgiving site

Sparky - Mark Holtz - is the person who set it up, and it's already taken a fair amount of money from generous supporters.

But it's been a big couple of days for me, too.

I realsied some time ago that I would require - or at the very least, considerably benefit from - having a mobile phone with me on July 17th. And so, yesterday, I took the plunge, and bought one. I had only had one once before - that was in the 1990s, or, if you prefer, 'in the last century.' It was about the size of a TV remote control. And I only ever received two calls on it. One of which was a wrong number.

I've already received several on this new one. And several texts, too. Though most of the texts have come from the network provider. Usually along the lines of "Don't you think we are just brilliant?" Followed, as often as not, by one asking "On a scale of 1-10, just how brilliant do you think we are?"

Now I can join the ranks of those people who announce to everyone on a bus "I'm on the bus!!!!"

And I may, just, get the hang of texting.

I hope to do a longish walk on Thursday or Friday. On Saturdays the towpaths are inhabited by fishermen and cyclists, making them more difficult to negotiate. Weight loss seems to have slowed down somewhat, though my bathroom scales seem a bit erratic - latest weighing puts me at 14st 9lb, a couple of pounds more than I hoped to weigh by now, but 11 pounds less than I weighed at the start of the year and 17 pounds lower than my peak weight last autumn.

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