Wednesday, 14 April 2010

D Day!

Today the amount raised through our justgiving page passed £500.

It's been, at the same time, an inspiring and a humbling experience. Thanks, again, to all who have contributed so far.

We are now getting to the stage where contributors are coming from various places - not just the internet forum that Mark & I - and Tommy - post on, but from further afield, too, to the extent that none of us is quite sure who some of the people pledging money are.

I haven't been in the best of health in the last couple of weeks. That's slowed down my training programme somewhat - but I'm much better now and things should be back on track shortly. I can always take inspiration from Susie Hewer, who I have mentioned on here before.

Susie will be running her first marathon of the year this weekend. Then another one - the London Marathon - the weekend after. Then another the weekend after that. Then she'll take a rest, and much-deserved it will be.

I tried looking in google, to see whether this blog appears on it. And it does!

Bizarrely, one of the sites that links to it is based in India. It appears to be because of the appearance of the words "canal" and "rural;" "Canal Rural" is a TV station in Brazil which has links to the website in India. I'm not sure I can explain why!

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  1. Hi Dom, hope that this works! Have been keeping an eye on the Justgiving site. You are doing well.

    Have you seen Susie Hewer's page since she did her crocheting marathon?

    'sokay, O don't expect you to sew, knit, crochet or even do tatting! Just walk and breathe.